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Don’t you cry – Kamelot

Posted by bimx5 on February 21, 2007

Little by little, I’ve come to this point on my own I’ve been searching my way. I lost you so early the days went so fast you don’t know how I prayed every day. A song to remember, a song to forget. You’ll never know how I tried, to make you proud and to honor your name but, you never told me goodbye. Now that your are gone, casting shadows from the past, you and all the memories will last.

Don’t you cry, or suffer over me. I will be waiting for you. Don’t you cry, angels never far away. I’ll be watching over you, see you through.

Now I’m a man and, I’m feeling you still could it be you were there all along. A time to surrender, a time to forgive, with solace I give you this song. Now that you are gone, casting shadows from the past in my dreams I hear your voice at last.

I can see you tonight in the pale winter light. Father and son again, the bond of blood will never end.


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